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Happy Mother's Day from the  Mother Support Task Force

I’m a breastfeeding mother on a journey. . .

Sometimes I can’t see far down the path in front of me, but I see the footsteps of those who have gone before. I follow those footsteps, but make my own in the process.
If I look behind me, I see those who are cheering me on—all the mothers and sisters who understand why I do what I do and what it means to me and my child.
It’s not just the other breastfeeding women who have helped me make it thus far and urge me to go on. I also see the women who might have breastfed their babies but for whatever reason did not. Some look at me with bewilderment; others look at me wistfully. Some even look to me to help forge a path for them—for their next baby, or maybe their grandbabies.
And it’s not just the women who help create this amazing journey of motherhood. It’s the fathers, brothers, and all the men who recognise that what I am doing is important and seek ways to help—or at least not stand in my way.
I know that there are likely obstacles and surprises on the path ahead. I’ll watch for them and handle them as they come up as best I can, perhaps calling upon the shared wisdom of all those who support me. I’ll do the best I can for me and especially my baby.
I’m a breastfeeding mother on a journey. . . .

Melissa Clark Vickers,
LLL Leader, mother, grandmother
Huntingdon, Tennessee, USA.
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