WABA 20th Birthday
Wishes from around the world

happy 20th Anniversary WABA

We congratulate our WABA friends and wish them many more active years in supporting and promoting breastfeeding!! This work will be unending as long as babies will be born, women will need help and support to optimally feed them. 20 years ago when WABA stepped onto the scene, the breastfeeding advocacy movement became that much richer!

IBFAN thankjs you for being a great partner. Your presense has provided perfect harmony in this work as the best service in upholding the rights of mothers and their babies globally. We are proud to be associated with your excellent work and look forward to many more years of collaboration in maintaining and strengthening the breastfeeding culture in all countries.

In this respect it is fitting that you have marked this occasion with the launch of the Breastfeeding Gateway. An exciting venture which we wholeheartedly support!

Best wishes from IBFAN

Happy birth day WABA and congratulations for breastfeeding gate way. May the smile of the millions that you have saved through your activities inspire you as you enter in another decade of your sacred duties. May your determination be rekindled when you know that there are still millions who are missing the God gift of breast milk and instead of enjoying what is their right they are agonizing with diarrhea; there is still more to be achieved!

Best wishes,
Joseph (FAOSO)

Dear Sarah and the WABA Team in Penang.
Congratulations on your 20th birthday - I just read the announcement via phm-exchange.
May you go forwards and upwards, despite the funding challenges!

Warm regards,

All the Best to WABA !
Long live WABA !

Dr Jayant Vagha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WABA !!! Thank you for being my partner in breastfeeding sharing - the sorrow, laughter, tears, and joy for 20 years!!! Hard to believe where and how the years passes by. I love you dearly WABA and cannot imagine how breastfeeding will go on without WABA!!. My thanks to you Sarah, Anwar, Julianna, Sita, Devi.... and those of you who work with passion, putting in lots and lots of effort to keep WABA always lively and always there for us and all the babies the world over. THANK YOU WABA ,my thoughts are with you especially today....

Norjinah Moin

Hello WABA
This is an exciting development and I look forward to accessing the site.
Wishing WABA a Happy Birthday and many more to follow.

Kirsten Tannenbaum
Australian Breastfeeding Association
WA branch

Dear Sarah,
Greetings and Thanks for the updates. It is timely because our 8th Ordinary General Assembly holds on Friday, 18th February 2011. All 23 NGOs and nutrition associations will be present and we shall be sharing the information with the members of our national network.

Kind regards,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL! Many, many more!!!!
Love and best wishes to all,


dear sarah and the team.
...happy birthday ..and its a joy to see the gateway finally take off ...
..i have forgotten how long has it been since i
# conceived of the idea
# regularly urged WABA to move on it (remember it was on the meeting room noticeboard for years )
# introduced Nand to help us ..
good luck ..i am hoping it will be as iconic and be as great as breastfeeding week


Dear Sarah thanks and keep on the good work!


Dear The Gateway Development Team,
I would like to thank you very much by doing a such precious work on behalf of the child and woman which benefit all of us. There is a real reason to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". I am sure that this will streghten to promote, protect and support breastfeeding as well as the optimal young child feeding worldwide.

Diogo Mboa
Mozambican Youth Coordinator

Happy Birthday WABA and Happy Birthday to all of you!!!

Catherine Chouinard
Chargée du dossier périnatalité
Coordonnatrice scientifique pour Enfanter le monde
Association pour la santé publique du Québec

Hi Sarah -- Happy Birthday to WABA!
We are pleased to congratulate the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) on 20 years of exemplary service in promoting, protecting, and supporting breastfeeding and optimal young child feeding worldwide. Please find a letter attached on behalf of ILCA’s Board of Directors and Staff.

Natalie Sroka
ILCA Executive Director

Where did those 20 years go!!!
Just yesterday in my memory..
Congratulations on the next venture.. .sounds exciting!!!
I will try and send something through paypal. That is a good idea!!

Love and Hugs, Beth

Dear Sarah and all WABA Workforce,
Congratulation for new opening of communication.Thank you for sending the very exciting information to me. I will share with our Thai Breastfeeding Center partners.

Happy Valentine Day,

Best wishes and hearty congratulations to WABA 20th Anniversary

A. P. Gautam,Nepal

Dear WABA team,
Happy 20th birthday WABA.
I’m elated to celebrate with you the 20th anniversary hear in Africa Kenya- Dadaab refugee camp where I have been part of a team that has advocated for optimal breastfeeding practices which in 2005 was 4.1% and now 42.4% in Hagadera camp with over 100,000 persons.

I also extend my gratitude to the WABA team who have continued to give us insight to new themes every year that has helped as focus on key areas to improve the breastfeeding rates in refugee set up.


Happy Anniversary WABA .
Lots of love , & best wishes for mny more years of working together .


Congratulations on your 20th birthday for the wonderful work you do! All the best,

Trude Bennett

Dear Sarah,
Greetings from FIJI COSS
Yes it is delightful to celebrate.
Congratulations to all.
We are in the midst or re organizing our selves as the Programme Officer for the FAMILY AND POPULATION ACTIVITIES CENTRE (FAMPAC).
Resigned a month ago , asked why she said that she is preparing for breastfeeding.
Anyway its just going to take a bit of time. Your continued support is important.
We are also looking for funds to continue with our FAMILY NURTURING PROGRAMME.
Let us know if you know of any funding source.
Take care and keep up the good work.

Mohammed Hassan Khan
Executive Director
Fiji Council of Social Services

HAPPY Birthday to WABA!! Congratulations for all the amazing
accomplishments over the 20 full years
and may the next 20 be as effective in realizing breastfeeding for mothers
and babies around the world!!

Congratulations to all!

From all of us at
INFACT Candada

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for the wonderful news.............14th February 2011, St. Valentine's Day, a day filled with love as WABA completes 20 years of labour filled with love promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding world wide. Thank you to each and everyone who has contributed towards its growth and strength.

Thank you Breastfeeding Gateway Team for the hard work in getting all information on breastfeeding under 'one roof'......THE BREASTFEEDING GATEWAY.

Take care, love,

Happy Birthday to WABA.lONG lIVE WABA.Congrats to all the dedicated team.


To you all at WABA , I am here to wish you belatedly a very happy 20th anniversary . I know how it feels, as BPNI is in 20th year too !
Great Time ahead as the challenges keep coming your way.
Your commitment and enthusiasm can beat any one.

My best wishes again

Dr. Arun Gupta MD FIAP
Regional Coordinator IBFAN Asia,
Member, Prime Minister's Council on India's Nutrition Challenges,
Member Steering Committee World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action.
Chair, global Breastfeeding Initiative for Child Survival(gBICS)

Hello all at WABA,
Congratulations on your endeavor for 20 long years. thats great. My best wishes for your furure ventures.
Congrats to all the staff for their efforts too.

Jaya menon

Dear Jennifer,
Happy 20th Anniversary to everyone at WABA!
Thank you for the agenda and the detail on the different times!


Happy Birthday WABW !!!!

Jaiok, Kim

Dear WABA,
Congratulations to WABA's 20th Birthday! and to launching the Breastfeeding Gateway!
Wishing WABA and WABA Secretariat team continued growth and success in every way.


Dear friends,
Thanks for sending this information and: happy birthday!!

Els Flies

Dear Waba,

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
Mary Chea

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