WABA Heroes


A tribute


Miriam Labbok ( 1949 – 2016 )


In 2007, she joined WABA and has provided invaluable support, advice and guidance as a member of the Steering Committee.

“We will always remember Miriam’s Golden Bow, from the time she was at UNICEF. Miriam is the golden bow that the movement will always cherish.”

Read more on Miriam’s tribute page.


Audrey Naylor (1931 – 2016)

– Visionary physician and teacher

Audrey was a Founding Member of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, which is a Core Partner of WABA, and dedicated to informing and educating physicians globally. When she started her career, there was a mere handful of physicians interested in breastfeeding; now there are many, in many countries.

Read more on Audrey’s Tribute page.



Urban Johnson (1944 – 2016)


“Urban was a rare example of someone with five gifts: a head that could think clearly; a heart full of passion; hands that worked tirelessly; eyes that could see what others could not and finally an ability to hear the voices of the weak and vulnerable.”

A strong advocate for breastfeeding, Urban supported the need for WABA to act as a catalyst for the wider movement from its inception.



Andre Nikiema (1951 – 2015)

He has specific interest in ethnographic and sociological aspects of breastfeeding, advocacy work, Code implementation as well as HIV and infant feeding. He was member of the Steering Committee also for a few years (elected in December 1996).




Andrew Chetley (1950 – 2012)


Andrew Chetley was a strategic thinker, a prolific communicator, and an international advocate for public health.

He helped WABA to develop a tool on systematic monitoring of the “State of Breastfeeding” country by country – GLOPAR and subsequently gave the movement a kind of breastfeeding manifesto, an inspiring document called TEN LINKS FOR NURTURING THE FUTURE.


Chris Mulford (1941 – 2011)

Chris, a long-standing ILCA member, first joined WABA in 1996 at the first WABA Global Forum in Bangkok, Thailand and became a long term volunteer at WABA. She was a Co-coordinator of WABA’s Women and Work Task Force since 2000.

The WABA-ILCA Fellowship is now known as the Chris Mulford WABA-ILCA Fellowship in honour of the beloved late Chris Mulford.



Prof Michael Latham (1928 – 2011)


He was a founding member of WABA and from its beginning until 2003, was a member of WABA’s Steering Committee and continued as Research TF Coordinator and WABA’ IAC.

Advertisements imply that nice people with nice houses who want nice babies, bottle feed their babies. Actually, in many instances, placing an infant on a bottle is tantamount to signing the death certificate of the child.


Dr. Natividad Clavano (1932 – 2007)

Natividad not only lives on a mountain, she has moved mountains. Her success in convincing nursing staff to a complete change in routine and the total absence of bottles and formula at the Baguio General Hospital in Philippines has been an example and inspiration to breastfeeding promoters around the world.



Prof Patrice Jelliffe (1920 – 2007)


A founding member of WABA

The Jelliffes invented the “WABA crawl”, a kind of Caribbean dance, led of course by the ebullient, glamorous, fun-loving, ever smiling Patrice Jelliffe. The “crawl” is    still performed at WABA celebrations!

Patrice Jelliffe was an outstanding pioneer in child health and infant feeding


Pat Young(1923-2015)

Pat Young of the US World Food Day Secretariat was one of the founding members of WABA. She developed the first WABA brochure overnight and got it printed in record time.

She campaigned to end hunger and encourage more equitable food distribution and nutrition globally over many decades as a volunteer in local, national and international settings..