The Better India: 4 Videos that will be Teaching Millions of Women about Health & Nutrition Practices on Mobile Phones

Every years, hundreds of thousands of women and children die due to health and nutrition-related issues. In achieving the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, this tragedy has to be addressed – fast!

Mass mediums such as mobile phones are incredibly effective in not just conveying information, but also to instigate change. Ironically, mobile phones are commonplace and seen as necessities even in rural areas.

UntitledIn India, a recently launched mobile phone initiative – the IAP HealthPhone – has changed the way we address the issue of maternal and child health and nutrition. As part of this programme, four videos called Poshan, on various health and nutrition related issues have been produced, hosted by Aamir Khan – a Bollywood megastar!

It is the world’s largest digital mass education programme to address malnutrition in women and children. Just imagine what we could achieve by adapting this technique to convey messages on the benefits of breastfeeding!



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