Mens Initiative

The WABA Men’s Initiative was born in October 2006. It aims to involve men in the global effort to protect, promote and support breastfeeding.

The inaugual meeting was held in Penang, Malaysia, in conjunction with the WABA Gender Training Workshop.

The intiative is coordinated by the Men’s Working Group (MWG) comprising of men from the different regions of the world including Sweden, Swaziland, India, Pakistan and Argentina.

Together they developed the  Initiative’s vision, mission, goals, objectives and action plan.


A world where breastfeeding is a cultural norm and where men support women and families to feed and optimally care for their infants and young children, thus contributing to a just gender equal and healthy society.


To create an enabling environment where men, particularly fathers, participate actively and share responsibilities with women in optimally caring for their infants and young children, through advocacy, education and capacity building.


  • To increase and enhance involvement of fathers in parenting and supporting breastfeeding.
  • To increase the participation of men, especially fathers, childcare, sharing domestic responsibilities, including raising men’s awareness on women’s and children’s rights, reproductive health issues and safe sex.
  • To support efforts that ensures greater gender equality in all societies in order to bring about an enabling environment for breastfeeding, family health and well-being.


Videos for Mens Initiative