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Gender Quiz

Gender and breastfeeding! – What’s gender got to do with breastfeeding?

This is a fun and interesting quiz developed by WABA gender experts. This quiz will enable you to assess and improve your gender awareness as well as knowledge on gender and breastfeeding related issues!

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Gender Training

The WABA Online Self-Study Course on Gender and Breastfeeding
This Self-Study Course on Gender and Breastfeeding is drawn from a three-day Gender Training Workshop organised by WABA in the past years. It includes four web-based educational modules, each based on a specific gender and breastfeeding related topic. These modules correlate with each other and therefore the course has to be taken following the numbered sequence.

The course will help answer two fundamental questions;
a) What does a gender approach mean to a sex-specific issue such as breastfeeding?
b) Why is it necessary to be gender sensitive in breastfeeding protection, promotion and support programmes?

And give you the essential background to start gender sensitive promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding.

Enroll and complete WABA Online FREE Self-Study Course on Gender and Breastfeeding to answer some of these questions and provide better support to breastfeeding women worldwide!!