The Golden Bow Initiative


Our Golden Bow 

Ribbons and pins have been used to create a sense of belonging to a social movement. The Golden Bow is not simply a symbol for social change, but carries many meanings within its own design.


The gold refers to breastfeeding as the gold standard for infant feeding. One loop of the bow represents the mother; the other loop is the child. The ribbon is symmetrical, both mother and child are vital to successful breastfeeding. The knot is the father, the family and the society. Without the knot, there would be no bow; without the support, breastfeeding cannot succeed.


The ribbons symbolize the future: the exclusive breastfeeding for six months, and continued breastfeeding for 2 years or more with appropriate complementary feeding, and the delay of the next birth, preferably for 3 years or more, to give the mother and child time together to recover and to grow, respectively, and to give the mother the time she needs to provide active care for the health, growth and development of this child.


Launch of Golden Bow Initiative at WABA global forum 2


“We will always remember Miriam’s Golden Bow initiative , from the time she was at UNICEF. It was launched with WABA in Arusha.  Miriam is the golden bow that the movement will always cherish” 

Dato (Dr) Anwar Fazal, Chariman Emeritus, WABA